Electrical engineering

secure welded connections for maximum reliability
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System solutions for a wide range of applications

In order to meet the increasing demands in terms of reliability, thermal load capacity and service life, electrical engineering requires ever safer electrical connections and terminals. We offer manual workstations as well as partially and fully automated complete solutions for connection technology, with which you can meet all the requirements of your product.

E-mechanical engineering/Electric motors

Our systems enable direct welding without prior stripping of the enamel layer for phase connections or star points in winding or hairpin technology for stators. We also offer solutions for connection technology related to rotors and for subsequent assembly (e. g. phase connection to terminal board). With all our systems, you can create non-ageing connections that are characterized by minimal contact resistance (almost zero) and high mechanical strength.


With our technologies for hot crimping and resistance welding under braze, you can connect enameled copper wires, hairpins or cables for electromagnetic systems such as coils and transformers without stripping the insulation. You can also use our systems to easily weld hairpins and HF stranded wires to standard tubular cable brackets.

Filter systems

Use our partially and fully automatic solutions to weld electrical components (such as capacitors, resistors and diodes) into busbar systems or lead frames. Connections with wire harnesses can also be implemented. Benefit from our outstanding process reliability combined with high processing speed.


Progressive miniaturization in the electrotechnical sector is resulting in increasingly complex applications with ever smaller components. We offer solutions that enable you to process electronic components such as switches and relays, even in the small parts sector.



Connections to the terminal board – phases U, V and W and the interconnection of the star point circuit – are welded. Methods used in this context are hot crimping and overlapping or butt welding under braze.


Rotors are usually connected by means of hook welding. This process with transition resistances close to zero is also used in the field of winding and hairpin technology.



We solve your challenges

As an economically independent expert in resistance welding technology, brazing (welding under braze), automation and construction of customized machines, we support you with solutions for all aspects of joining non-ferrous metals. Whether resistance welding, brazing, hot crimping or micro welding – we develop and manufacture the optimal joining technology for your requirements and needs.

A high level of vertical integration enables us to react quickly and flexibly to your wishes. Benefit from our low-maintenance, fast-running systems, our customer proximity and our quality management, which ensures the high quality of our systems and services.