Renewable energies

More efficient power distribution with low-resistance connections
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Safe energy generation and transmission thanks to high-quality non-ferrous metal and cable connections

Our connection solutions help manufacturers and suppliers in a wide range of renewable energy sectors to create non-ferrous metal connections. These are characterized by the lowest possible contact resistance and high holding forces in order to increase the efficiency and safety of the overall system.


Our secure connections counteract the loss of power with their low contact resistance. In addition, our automated processes increase your process efficiency. Whether you want to integrate electrical components and cables in junction boxes or connect solar cables to plugs – we have machines that suit your needs.

Wind energy

We connect phases and star points in the generators of wind turbines in a similar way to electrical engineering, even with very high overall cross-sections. Our systems enable you to weld enameled copper wires for phase connections and star points without first removing the insulation layer.

As in electrical engineering, connections with a cross-section of up to 500 mm² can be implemented.


Battery technology

There are a myriad of internal and external connections involved in creating storage systems.

Our systems establish connections to the cell and module connectors. We enable the best possible performance with a contact resistance tending towards zero and counteract thermal effects. Special processes for the module connectors such as the butt welding of conductors against connectors and busbars enable complete automation of the production.

With this process, we also generate space advantages for the package densities (power density) as well as material savings in the overall system. All necessary monitoring devices can be connected to your IT systems via the STRUNK MES channels and systems, thus enabling seamless traceability.


Our solutions for the challenges of the future

Renewable energies offer great potential, but they also pose challenges. As a technology leader in the field of joining non-ferrous metals by means of resistance welding, we support you in overcoming all joining-related problems in this industry.

As a problem solver in connection technology, we also develop customized individual systems for you. Please contact us for further information.