Micro welding / small part welding

greatest precision for the smallest components

Micro welding – maximum precision for the smallest components

Increasingly smaller components in industries such as automotive electrics / electronics, medical technology, microsystem technology and electronics require increasingly difficult solutions for creating reliable electrical and mechanical connections. These can often only be achieved through automated production.

In order to be able to connect small parts, it must be possible to introduce low energies exactly compared to large cross-sections. The welding times are to be kept as short as possible. For this we use power sources with frequencies from 1,000 to 30,000 Hz. The welding energy is reproducibly and precisely introduced into the components by means of sensitive drives on the electrodes. The quality is monitored and secured / stored inline with the help of our monitoring systems.

Of course, we also design and manufacture our micro-welding systems individually according to the needs of our customers. The micro-welding applications usually take place within a component (BUS bar, electronics, sensors) and these are connected with cabling.

In order to industrialize the processes, STRUNK offers a consulting service in order to implement the automation in the entire workflow (installation spaces, alloys, surfaces (coatings), accessibility, components to be used, compositions, injection molding installation spaces) and to be able to manufacture them in series later with process reliability.

The micro-welding applications are not only suitable for cable connections, but also for connecting components (component production). The connections leadframe-leadframe and leadframe component can be implemented here.

In addition to the C-module technology and the portals, we also manufacture customer-specific welding guns for these applications and integrate them into the application. These can contain different drive systems and movement profiles.

You too can benefit from our expertise in micro welding and use this potential to make your production processes more efficient and intelligent.

Our vertical range of manufacture, from sampling to mechanical / electrical construction and programming with our own mechanical production and mechanical / electrical assembly connected, enables us to react flexibly to your wishes and specifications and to offer you holistic solutions from a single source. Please contact us for more information.


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